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Guitarist Eric Garcia is establishing himself as a unique voice in the Midwestern music scene. With his extensive knowledge of jazz and other popular genres, he is cultivating a sound as both a performer and composer that pushes boundaries while paying homage to the artists that have come before him.

Based in Indianapolis, Eric has performed with numerous internationally acclaimed artists such as Wayne Newton, Nicole Henry, Rob Dixon, Kenny Phelps, and John Raymond. He is also a first-call guitarist with local artists such as the Kent Hickey Quintet, the Hickey-Shanafelt 9ollective, Amanda Gardier, Sean Imboden, and Brendan Keller-Tuberg. In addition to his work in the jazz scene, he is an in-demand session artist and works with major symphonies, the most recent being the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic.

Eric is establishing himself as a sought-after private instructor in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. He works with people of all ages and teaches for local organizations such as the Butler Community Arts School and the Hamilton Southeastern School District. His teaching philosophy is similar to that of his performance philosophy: to pass on the knowledge of music he possesses while honoring those who came before him. 

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